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With the rapid development of people's digital life, Fast network is becoming more and more important. While traditional Copper cable cannot satisfy and Glass Optical Fiber is too cost and inconvenient for installation, Plastic Optical Fiber comes to its importance due to its following characters:

1. Large diameter and good Coupling makes POF cables easily install.
2. Light-weight, perfect flexibility lead to a very low-cost maintenance.
3. Low producing cost and widely usage can help POF cable to replace copper cable.
4. POF Cable possesses ant-jamming, radio resistance.

Normally, to build a fiber optical network needs about following Components PON Device (OLT ODN ONU), fiber optical switch, Fiber optical cable, POF cable, Multimedia Socket, other tools (POF USB Adapter, POF PCI network card)

System Description
Outdoor system
Network application

OLT, ODN and ONU together with fiber optical Cable finished the process of fiber to the building.


Outdoor system
Network application

The POF Cable from ONU connects with POF switch, and then though connecting with Multimedia socket to the single room. All fiber optical network is completed.


Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is the future direction of home network, as drawn into the growing maturity of broadband, more and more home networks will use FTTH. FTTH is the most fundamental access problem, HUA Ying provide solutions, using POF networking system (as shown), POF and convenient access will quickly replace the cables, quartz fiber as fiber to the home access mode choice.

FTTH can also be intelligent appliances (home PC, HDTV, telephony, digital imaging devices, home safety equipment, air conditioners, refrigerators, sound systems, kitchen appliances, etc.) networking, home automation and remote control to management, improve quality of life. As shown below.