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POF Sparkle Fiber

POF Sparkle FiberPOF Sparkle Fiber belongs to Endglow fiber and similar but differ from sideglow fiber. Light emits from the fixed point of the fiber which those point is lightly cutted when the fiber is endglow one.

As POF Sparkle Fiber is made from Endglow fiber, it is also made of PMMA and up-preaching ultraciolet and infrares, nonconductive and not heat transfer.

Sparkle fiber widely used in Waterfall lighting products, sparkling kit, Chandeliers and so on. Its sparkle effect is loved by most designers.

Item List

SeriesItemDiameter (mm)Spool LengthDescription
Sparkle Fiber HY-PEF-0.75 0.75 2700m 1pc 0.75mm fiber
Sparkle Fiber HY-PEF-1.0 1.0 1500m 1pc 1.0mm fiber
Sparkle Fiber HY-PEF-3*0.75 3.3 900m 3pc 0.75mm fiber
Sparkle Fiber HY-PEF-14*0.75 5.0 600m 14pc 0.75mm fiber
Sparkle Fiber HY-PEF-X*0.75 Customized Customized X pc 0.75mm fiber
Sparkle Fiber HY-PEF-X*1.0 Customized Customized X pc 1.0mm fiber
Remark: X = customized Number