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Why Starry Sky Light Constellation set is a very economic solution?


Starry Sky Light Constellation set is a very economic solution, because the use of LED illuminator consumption of energy is only 4 W. Delicate light will be a great decoration for small rooms . With this set we can create beautiful starry sky in ceiling just above our heads. This product is least expensiv in our offer.

Light Constellation with white light.

This set is equipped in White LED illuminator , so all the "stars" shine with the white light .

Light Constellation with blue-white light.

This set is equipped in LED illuminator with built-in modern microprocessor. Through the use of this illuminator, colours of light are changing automatically between white and blue . It highlights another fiberoptics and creates effect of flashing stars.

Light Constellation with RGB light.

This set is equipped in LED illuminator with built-in modern microprocessor with infrared receiver. 16 buttons remote allows You to decide what color will starry sky illuminate. You can also turn lights on and of , choose automatic color change, dim or brighten the stars . To install this set You need to lower Your ceiling 3 cm only. 

How to make a fiber optic light diffuser with a dot of hot glue?


This is the method I use to make my glow-dot LED capes and flags

Materials needed: 


*0.75mm fiber attached to an LED light source

*hot glue gun

*teflon or other non-stick work surface

*cold metal spoon in a bowl of ice - the thicker the spoon, the better it will work


Make sure your spoon is nice and cold first! You are using it as a heat-sink and it needs to be chilly. 


The non-stick work surface is key here. I ponied up for a 3'x4' sheet of solid teflon, but you can make do with a large tempered-glass cutting board sprayed with PAM or some other kind of low-key silicone grease. I've even used solid shea butter in the past.


When your glue gun is nice and hot, stick a dot of glue over the fiber, right on the work surface. The fiber is thermoplastic, so it will bend very easily in the glue - as you bend it, you can see that light is now diffusing out through the glue dot. 


Grab your cold spoon and freeze the glue dot! You can peel the dot and the fiber up from the work surface when it is set. 


Note: This method is best used in conjunction with some kind of cloth - I have used sheer white poly/nylon organza in the past, and then sandwiched the dots/fiber matrix under another layer (quilted on) when I was finished. You might also use a heavier darker cloth as the backing and whatever sheer front layer you'd like. By themselves the dots aren't terribly robust, but in conjunction with the cloth layers they last pretty well.


what's about Fiber Optic Adapters


Fiber optic adapter is also called fiber optic coupler. It is used to provide a cable to cable fiber connection. People sometimes also name them to be mating sleeves and hybrid adaptors. Mating sleeves means this fiber optic adapter is used to connect the same type fiber optic connectors, while hybrid adaptors are the fiber optic cable adaptor types used to connect different kinds of fiber optic connectors. Hwaying provide a complete line of adapters for fiber optic connection, like ST, SC, FC, LC, MTRJ, MPO and MU style fiber optic adapters for both multimode and single-mode fiber applications. We also can offer fiber adapter plates for ST-, SC-, MT-RJ- or LC-type connections.

Why use Fiber Optics for lighting?



The most noteworthy advantage of using fiber optic lighting systems is that the light is separated from the electricity that generates light. This makes it possible to illuminate areas, such as pools, spas, fountains, or in environmentally sensitive industrial situations. The reason: fiber optic light produces no electrical shocks and will not become a fire hazard.


A side glow fiber can be used in places where the potential of breakage or of contact with a high voltage transformer that makes a neon light hazardous. In addition, fiber optic systems use both heat (infrared or IR) and ultraviolet (UV) filters in the light source. As a result, the light emitted contains no UV and no heat. This is particularly desirable for lighting retail displays containing basically, dyes and oil paints won’t fade, chocolate won’t melt, and fresh flowers won’t wilt.


The use of fiber optic lighting systems can also lead to improved energy efficiency in some cases, particularly through the use of metal halide light sources. Because a single lamp can drive many fibers and produce multiple points or lines of light, maintenance costs can be reduced and maintenance tasks simplified, particularly for the hard-to-reach lamp. In addition there is overall, fiber optic lighting systems can be used in almost any lighting situation.


With several vibrant colors available, it is feasible to change colors gradually or have dramatic color switch effects plus sparkling animations that mimic starlight patterns on ceilings. This versatility lends itself to a creative and innovative lighting applications.




Plastic optical fiber, End emitting fibre, Side emitting fibre, Sparkle otpcial fiber



Tell me about your Environment Policy



Hwaying optical fiber series products prevent environmental pollution, develop environment management system continuously.

Obey-We laws, legislations and all requirements of the environment; reduce and restrict the use of certain hazardous substances.

From material selection to manufacturing, Our pof production line save resources and recycle them, Pay much attention to environment and economic interests, advocate green producing to be an environment-protecting factory.

Hwaying POF, Green We think!



Plastic optical fiber, End emitting fibre, Side emitting fibre, Sparkle otpcial fiber



What is dychroic filter?


A thin flat piece of glass with a metal deposition in one of the surfaces applied in a high vacuum environment. The metal layer, only a few atoms thick cause interference in the incoming light, letting some frequencies pass whilst stopping others.

This frequency separation has the effect of producing very saturated and vibrant colors. 

Depending on the deposition type, all visible light can be allowed to pass through, whilst stopping infrared or ultraviolet radiation. In fact, there is a dychroic or interference filter to separate practically all frequencies in the spectrum.


Plastic optical fiber, End emitting fibre, Side emitting fibre, Sparkle otpcial fiber



How does a color change works?


It consists generally of a small, geared motor with a disc. This can be made of glass, glass segments or a polymer material in a number of colors.

The motor causes the disc to revolve in from of the common end, altering the color of the issuing light. Lower priced systems use colored films of glass whilst most others make use of dychronic filters. 

In animation illuminators instead of a disc, there is a turning drum of glass or polycarbonate with color films or varnishes applied in special patterns to create movement and rapid color changes.


Plastic optical fiber, End emitting fibre, Side emitting fibre, Sparkle otpcial fiber



What about ISO 9000?


Again there seems to be confusion about the ISO 9000 series of certifications. The ISO in essence is not a guarantee of good quality and is not given to an object but to a company. 

ISO9000 is , in lays terms, a system that removes anarchy from management or production, making sure that things are made always the same and with the same quality, which is not a mean feat. 

It does not guarantee that the products are good but with a constant in quality. If a manufacturer makes a good gizmo or widget, the ISO 9000 certificate guarantee that it will always be good. For the same token if someone makes a bad product the ISO will ensure that is always bad. A combination of ISO 9000 and laboratory certificates on a product is the surest way to ascertain that an object, an illuminator in this case, is good and will remain so. 


Plastic optical fiber, End emitting fibre, Side emitting fibre, Sparkle otpcial fiber



How then do I recognize a product's quality?


There are a number of ways. The name and status of the company making the product is important and its geographical location. Some countries are famous for making good quality products and others just the opposite. 

The stamp of approval of an internationally recoginzed testing organization is a sure way of knowing that the product has been tested and found built to very high standards. Generally, such intitutes or laboratories have follow-up programs that control the manufacturing and quality processes of the manufacturer.

It can be said, with a level of certainty, that a machine bearing one or serveral such stamps has a traceable pedigree and is well made. 


Plastic optical fiber, End emitting fibre, Side emitting fibre, Sparkle otpcial fiber



Are machines with the CE mark certified?


 The CE mark was a good idea in its inception but it has been so much abused that has become practically meaningless for the end user.

CE is not a certification or a quality mark, moreover is not granted by any official body or controlled in any way, distributors or end users have no right whatsoever to demand a CE certificate from the manufacturer, even if his products bear the stamp.

CE is a declaration from the manufacturer stating that the object complies with CE directives and regulations. Really is the equivalent to taking the words of a used car salesman as Gospel truth. 

Tht market is awash with shoddy products of uncertain origin and parentage bearing the CE mark, products that, obviously, do not conform to any regulation whatsoever.

In a resume:the CE mark does not attest or imply any quality or fitness for use of the object bearing the stamp. It only says that the manufacturer decleares that his product is built in accordance with the community directives, under his own responsiblity and without effective control by an official body.



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