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Industrial Ethernet

Industrial control system plays an very important role in industrial process. It requests a stability and fast interface for transmitting data . Also the interface should be able to anti-interference, noise abatement, radio resistance, stretching resistance.

Traditional copper cable cannot catch the rapid development of the industry, and cannot satisfy the fast speed transmitting of the data. Also copper it is limited Source, and not Environment. While optical fiber patchcord is easily broken, install-costly.

POF(Plastic/Polymer optical fiber) is the best solution for industrial control system, as POF Patchcord is of the same speed of optical fiber and other features as like: anti-interference, noise abatement, radio resistance, stretching resistance. But have more advantage on install convenience and cost-saving than optical fiber.

Hwaying works on Optical fiber industrial application for almost 16 years, which offers Hwaying rich experience to provide industrial solution. Till now, we have provided solution for elevator, excavator, Power system, Train data transmission, industrial control system etc.

System Description

As POF cable have excellent physical properties including anti-interference, flexible, easy-install. It can provide a stable and reliable bus access and data transmission in harsh industrial manufacturing environments. Now Optical fiber has been widely used in industrial and medical fields.

Industrial Ethernet

Industry system, is mainly a combination of modern electronic interface technology, through the converter, POF with RS232, RS422, 100Mbps Ethernet and Token Ring interfaces connected to other standard protocols, enabling high-speed transmission of industrial control signals and instructions.

Industrial Ethernet Industrial Ethernet