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POF Toshiba Products

Product description

POF Toshiba Products include Transmitter, receiver for 1.0mm POF cable and HCS 200/230 Cable, F05 F07 connector as well as cable.

Toshiba products can be formed to be a completely optical system which is suitable for low-cost and certain system as optical fiber system is withstands voltage of insulation, EMI/RFI and safety.

  • 1. 1.0mm POF or 200/230um HCS compatible
  • 2. RoSH –compliant
  • 3. Up to 50m distances with 1.0mm Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) and Up to 1km distances with 200um Hard Clad Silica (HCS 200/230 Cable)
  • 4. Easily install and termination
  • 5. High noise immunity, anti-interference, voltage insulation
  • 1. Industrial data links for factory automation and plant control
  • 2. Intra-system links; board-to-board, rack-to-rack
  • 3. Telecom switching systems
  • 4. Computer-to-peripheral data links, PC bus extension
  • 5. LANs, Digitized video
  • 6. Medical instruments
  • 7. Reduction of lightning and voltage transient susceptibility
  • 8. High voltage isolation, Power station, Inverter system
POF Toshiba Products POF Toshiba Products POF Toshiba Products
POF Toshiba Products POF Toshiba Products
1. Module

TransmitterReceiverConnectorTypeMax Transmission Loss (dB)
TOCA100 TOCA100 TOCP100/ TOCP150 Simplex 2.0
TOCA150 TOCA15 TOCP100/ TOCP150 Simplex 3.5
TOCA200 TOCA200 TOCP200 /TOCP200Q Duplex 2.0
TOCP250 TOCP250 TOCP200/ TOCP255 Duplex 3.5

2. Connector

Part No.Wave lengthTransmission LossTransmission LengthTypeInterface
TOCP100 650nm <0.22dB/m 50m Simplex 1.0/2.2 POF
TOCP155 650nm <0.22dB/m 50m Simplex 1.0/2.2 POF
TOCP200 650nm <0.22dB/m 50m Duplex 1.0/2.2 POF
TOCP200X 800nm <7Db/km 1km Duplex 200/230 HCS
TOCP255 650nm <0.22dB/m 50m Duplex 1.0/2.2 POF
TOCP255P 650nm <0.22dB/m 50m Duplex 1.0/2.2 POF