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Automotive Fiber Optics Lighting

Fiber optic technology is becoming the medium of choice for a variety of automotive applications. With its unique characteristics, fiber optics is a naturally ideal choice for automotive lighting.

More and more Automobile manufacturers are using fiber for lighting applications for several reasons. First and foremost, fiber transmits 'cold' light, making it a safe alternative to traditional sealed beam or halogen lighting. Apart from the safety advantage, the light source is easily accessible and offers much more in creative freedom of design. Fiber also allows for light source and output location separation, creating high performance lighting options with reduced physical space requirements for difficult and restricted access locations.

Fiber optical lighting is also chosen to DIY for their car by those who are very personally people.

There are several place can use fiber for lighting in the car or bus.

Auto control table
Auto control table Auto control table

Automobile tail light
Automobile tail light Automobile tail light

Car boot

Car Door

Car boot Car Door

Automobile ceiling
 Automobile ceiling  Automobile ceiling