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fiber optic star ceiling

Everyone hopes a wonderful decorates at home or office or for their store. Beautiful thing is all men wanted to have or appreciate. Let us DIY our own Fiber Optical Chandelier.

At first, we determine how big the chandelier and what shape we want to make, that can help us figure out the number of fiber, light source and crystal. After that, let select a fiber and crystal. We can use 0.75mm, 1.0mm,1.5mm or bigger fiber, the crystal is depends on the fiber.

Then cut the fiber according to the size we want to make, and make it to be a fiber strand. So `we can plug the fiber head into the light source.

Step 3, Drill appropriate number and size holes through the ceiling, sharp according to the first design. Then we put the fiber into the hole, fixed the fiber with good glue.

Step 4,Cut the fiber according to the size and shape, place the crystal in exactly places to form the sharp we want. Now we success get what we wanted.

Scope of application: fiber optic star ceiling can be customized according to customer demand for all kinds of different effects on the quality of products, to meet the different needs of customers. Also can be widely used in the crystal sky, three-dimensional mirror, optical fiber, optical fiber, optical fiber casing contours, optical fiber, optical fiber advertising showcase lamp etc..

For example: fiber stars: blue sky the stars always can give a person the imaginary space, the starry sky moved into the hotel, bars, disco, swimming pool, movie theaters and bedroom, study room, bathroom and other private space, with carved through the crystal and optical fiber made of color Gao Guidian Ya crystal star will undoubtedly create a other lighting the system can not match the gorgeous romantic and elegant atmosphere.

Fiber optic star ceiling by this product can shape fiber all star: brilliant color, light and soft, style without losing the elegant, create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, full of fairy tale color. Also can create 3D mirror: a high-tech era should look of the one and only works of art, it is the perfect combination of the traditional optical and modern art, according to Gao Min characteristics of crystal of light, changes in color in a infinite landscape, from the surface to form a kind of introverted outside mystery and beating atmosphere. In the bar, entertainment venues and clubs and luxurious private space, can give a person a kind of feeling that is difficult to describe.