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Pool Decoration

Fiber lighting basically requires three different items: Light source/ Light engineer/Illuminator; lighting fiber including Side glow fiber and End glow Fiber; Cable Track.

Lighting Fiber used for Swimming Pool


1. The Fiber Lighting Illuminator is a device for providing light to the fiber where the white light or the color changing actually occurs. Though Side glow Fiber, the light from the fiber lighting illuminator can reach around your swimming pool. According to the color wheel located inside the fiber lighting illuminator, the light transmitted in side glow fiber or end glow fiber can change into about 12 kinds color which offer you a fantastic world. One Illuminator can be used for multiple lights (underwater, perimeter, waterfall, or landscape).

2. Side glow fiber or End glow fiber is the actual thing which we see the lighting due to the light from fiber lighting Illuminator is transmitting inside of the Sideglow fiber or End glow fiber. The fiber are sold by Meter or spool. Purchased depends on your pool shape and color you want your pool become.

3. The Lighting Fiber Track is used for fixed Fiber on the pool

Lighting Fiber Layout

Follows is an example of layout Side glow fiber for the pool. One head of side glow fiber connect to the Fiber Lighting illuminator and goes through a 1" PVC tube which lay around your swimming pool. The Tube which includes lighting fiber will be snapped into the track around swimming pool. The side glow fiber should end back at the Illuminator to keep a good lighting effect. Different light will flow through both the start and the end of the cable which means there will be no start or end of the fiber in reality. The light will flow from both ends and meet in the middle which allows for the maximum amount of brightness in your fiber optics. 

Lighting Fiber Layout 

Lighting Fiber Layout 

Lighting Fiber Layout 

Q: How do you install perimeter fiber optic track on an existing gunite pool? 

A: Purchase the SVTRK42 track, you would add a bead of silicone adhesive to the back of the track and then you would purchase stainless steel screws along with anchor to attach the track to the pool wall.

Questions to ask before you start:

1. What type of cable should I use?
Three styles of sideglow cable are available from low cost 23 strands that fits into industry standard flat tracks to 32 or 42 strands with round profiles for easy installation and when a brighter band of light is desired.

2. If a vinyl liner pool, what type of coping is being used?
Some coping is fiber optic ready, and this will determine which fiber it accepts.

Important Note: Side glow cable is used to accentuate the outline of the pool. It does not illuminate the body of water.

General Fiber Optics Guidelines

· Side glow cable must start and terminate at the light source. The total length of a cable can not exceed 200', including the distance to and from the illuminator.

· The shorter the loop of cable, the brighter and more even the effect.

· When possible, a separate loop for the spa helps keep the pool loop short and brightIf total length exceeds 200', then multiple light sources are necessary. Those light sources must be synchronous. Start the run at one light source, go half way around the pool and exit to a second light source. Then start another run at the second light source, go around the other half of the pool and terminate at the first light source. Try to keep each run approximately the same length for even illumination

Guidelines for Perimeter Tracking
23 Strand Fiber Tracks
For use on renovation or new construction. Gunite 8' Sections
Track snaps over vinyl liner. 6' sections.


33/42 Strand Fiber Tracks
33/42 Strand Fiber Tracks SVLS42
For use on renovations or new construction. Gunite. 8' Sections.
33/42 Strand Fiber Tracks SVTRK-42
Clear Plastic Track for renovations or new construction. Fiberglass or Gunite. Mounts with adhesive tape, screws, and silicone. 6' sections
33/42 Strand Fiber Tracks SVV42
Track snaps over vinyl liner. 6' sections.